I opened Vanilla Ink on April the 2nd 2001, it was the culmination of a shift from my previous life of travelling the world and working as a diagnostic bacteriologist to clothing design/production and retail. I am much better and happier at this, plus I think there’s real value in pulling science and art together.

The pieces we design are considered and carefully crafted prioritising shape, proportion, cut and handle (the way the cloth feels and hangs).

I love colour and print. I choose fabrics based on their innate character, inspiration and story telling. Sadly there is no planning of colour-ways for the season which would result in tidy cohesive stores, There’s a riot of colour, print, textures and influences. Some would call it messy, I call it uninhibited and joyous.

We have learnt over the years which silhouettes suit different shaped bodies, which colours flatter and what minor changes in tailoring will raise a look from “nice” to “stunning”. Because stunning is our aim we will make these changes or cut for individuals generally for no extra charge.

Being made in New Zealand is extremely important to us. We believe the extra cost is worth it in terms of feeding money back into our local economy, excellent after sales service and problem solving, small and exclusive runs of garments and all our staff receiving generous wages and having fabulous lives.

We are here to assist our customers, represent their personal style, not to follow sometimes ridiculous fashion trends which may or may not suit.

We believe in kindness, hospitality, honesty and working hard and cleverly to find the best pieces for you.